Please read carefully the information below before to e-mail us.
Also, please note that we may not be able to reply to some inquiries, requests and opinions.
・About the shows
For any question about a show, please reach out to the contact point stated in the event schedule page.
We cannot reply to questions about unannounced show contents.
・About products
For issues about products such as damaged or incomplete items, please reach out to the shop where you have purchased the product.
・About Schedule
We cannot reply to questions about future activities that have not been announced on the official website or other official media.
Please avoid to contact us about the band future plans about release, shows, postponement or cancellation etc. The official website and medias will be updated as soon as information can be disclosed.
・About installation of celebration flowers at live venues
For any question about celebration flowers, please contact directly the venue the show will be held at.
Please do not bring flowers yourself; always refer to a professional florist. Also, make sure to request the florist to pick up the flowers after the show.
Please note that we cannot give you any instruction about celebration flowers.
Please note we cannot reply to all the opinions and requests we receive.
We aim replying the inquires within 3 days, but please consider that it may take longer due to the current COVID-19 health emergency.
Please make sure to include in your e-mail the following information:
1. Name
2. Phone Number
3. FC Member ID or Mobile Site User ID (if member)
4. inquiry content
※We cannot reply to e-mails that do not include all the information of above.
※Please note that iCloud,, Hotmail, au e-mails seems to have issues in receiving our e-mails. If you do not receive our response after a while since your inquiry, please write us again using a different e-mail address.
※Before to e-mail us, please check your e-mail settings to make sure to be able to receive e-mails from our domain. Please do not use one of the e-mail services of above.

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