2016.04.22 NEW RELEASE

 DIR EN GREY announce their much anticipated 28th single 『詩踏み』 (UTAFUMI) to be released on July 27th, 2016. It has been a year and 7 months since DIR EN GREY’S last album 『ARCHE』 was released on Dec. 10th, 2014. This latest single will begin a new chapter in their history as they just wrapped their 『ARCHE』 tour performing 2 Days at Nippon Budokan.
 The single will include 3 songs. The title song 「詩踏み」(Utafumi) expresses <solitude> and <anger> and at the root, the pain in a fast speedy tempo. Bonus songs will include a collaboration version of 「Kuukoku no Kyouon」 and a remixed version of 「Revelation of mankind」; both from album 『ARCHE』.
 The special bonus footage for the “Limited Deluxe Version” will include 10 songs from the“ARCHE -「a knot」 LIMITED EXTRA-”show which was held on Feb. 12th, 2016 at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo.
『詩踏み』 (UTAFUMI)
2016.7.27 RELEASE
【Limited Deluxe Version】
CD+Blu-ray SFCD-0193~194 ¥5,500 (tax out)
CD+DVD SFCD-0195~196 ¥4,500 (tax out)
【Limited First Press Version】
CD+DVD SFCD-0197~198 ¥1,800 (tax out)
【Original Version】
SFCD-0199 ¥1,200 (tax out)
Manufactured by FIREWALL DIV.
Distributed by Sony Music Marketing Inc.
※Contents, title and version are subject to change without notice.
※Limited Deluxe Version and Limited First Press Version are both manufactured in limited numbers. Please reserve your copy at selected stores by June 1st, 2016 to guarantee your copy.
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