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  • LIVE COLLECTION Blu-ray & DVD 『FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of 16-17]』
  • NEW ALBUM 『The Insulated World』 2018.9.26 RELEASE
  • NEW SINGLE 『人間を被る』 2018.4.25 RELEASE
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NEW ALBUM『The Insulated World』(2018.9.26 RELEASE): more information about the single-linked bonus!

2018.09.01 NEW RELEASE

DIR EN GREY has just unveiled additional information about the SINGLE『人間を被る (Ningen wo Kaburu)』 (2018/4/25 release)【Limited Deluxe Version】 and ALBUM『The Insulated World』(2018/9/29 release)【Limited Deluxe Version】 linked bonus!
Kyo Prize (Idea, design direction by Kyo)  50 winners
Kaoru Prize (Idea, design direction by Kaoru)  300 winners
Die Prize (Idea, design direction by Die)  20 winners
Toshiya Prize (Idea, design direction by Toshiya) 300 winners
Shinya Prize (Idea, design direction by Shinya)  300 winners
※Check the postcard included in 『The Insulated World』 【Limited Deluxe Version】 for more information.
■Eligible Products
・29th SINGLE『人間を被る (Ningen wo Kaburu)』
【Limited Deluxe Version】
 CD+Blu-ray SFCD-0222~223 ¥5,500 (tax out)
 CD+DVD SFCD-0224~225 ¥4,500 (tax out)
・10th ALBUM『The Insulated World』
【Limited Deluxe Version】
 3 Disc (Blu-spec CD2+Bonus CD+Bonus Blu-ray) SFCD-0229~231 ¥9,000 (tax out)
 3 Disc (Blu-spec CD2+Bonus CD+Bonus DVD) SFCD-0232~234 ¥8,000 (tax out)
■How to Apply
(1)Please read carefully the application instruction on the designed postcard included in ALBUM『The Insulated World』【Limited Deluxe Version】
(2)Please paste the application counterfoil included in the SINGLE 『人間を被る (Ningen wo Kaburu)』【Limited Deluxe Version】 on the designed postcard of above and submit by the deadline period.
Postmarked by Oct. 30th, 2018(Tue.)
※The eligible products are printed in limited numbers. To guarantee your copy please reserve it at selected stores within Aug. 10th (Fri.), 2018.

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