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NEW ALBUM『The Insulated World』(2018.9.26 RELEASE): apologize about misprint in the package of 【Limited Deluxe Version】([Bonus Blu-ray disc] SFCD-0229~231)

2018.09.25 NEW RELEASE

A misprint has been found on the package of the Japanese edition of 『The Insulated World』【Limited Deluxe Version】([Bonus Blu-ray] SFCD-0229~231). We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to the all of you who have preordered/purchased this product. The staff will increase the product controls in order to prevent issues like this to happen again and we hope for your kind understanding.
2018.9.26 RELEASE
10th ALBUM『The Insulated World』
【Limited Deluxe Version】3 Disc Set (Blu-spec CD2+Bonus CD+Bonus Blu-ray) SFCD-0229~231 ¥9,000 (tax out)
Misprint on the side of the packaging.
(Misprint)DISC 3 (DVD)

(Correct)DISC 3 (Blu-ray)
The misprint of above may lead confusion regarding the type of bonus disc (Blu-ray or DVD) to be included in the 【Limited Deluxe Version】. When purchasing your copy, please make sure to check carefully the art. no., the contents and the sales price printed on the back of the CD case.
■Bonus Blu-ray Set
Art no.:SFCD-0229~231
Price:¥9,000 (tax out)
Includes:Blu-spec CD2+Bonus CD+Bonus Blu-ray
Logo:Blu-ray Logo Mark

■Bonus DVD Set
Art no.:SFCD-0232~234
Price:¥8,000 (tax out)
Includes:Blu-spec CD2+Bonus CD+Bonus DVD
Logo:DVD Logo Mark

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