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DIR EN GREY Announced Japan Tour “TOUR18 FOLLOWERS” for Official Fan Club 「a knot」 / DIR EN GREY ONLINE members only!

2018.10.22 SCHEDULE

DIR EN GREY has just announced their three-show tour in Nagoya and Osaka for official fan club 「a knot」 members and DIR EN GREY ONLINE members only, titled as “TOUR18 FOLLOWERS”, in December 2018.
This tour consists of two shows held in Nagoya on 10 December and Osaka on 25 December, for both 「a knot」 members and DIR EN GREY ONLINE members, and 1 show held in Osaka on 24 December for 「a knot」 members.
1st Pre-order for 「a knot」 starts today and 2nd Pre-order will start from 1 November for the membership is valid on the day of 1 November 2018. Now 「a knot」 has launched a special campaign! If you are not 「a knot」 members yet and you will join the fan club by 28 October 2018, you have chance to apply for 2nd Pre-order! Don’t miss a chance!
2018/12/19(wed)【Aichi】Zepp Nagoya -「a knot」 & ONLINE only- [OPEN/START 18:15/19:00]
2018/12/24(mon)【Osaka】Zepp Osaka Bayside -「a knot」only- [OPEN/START 17:15/18:00]
2018/12/25(tue)【Osaka】Zepp Osaka Bayside -「a knot」 & ONLINE only- OPEN/START 17:45/18:30]
[Seating / Ticket Information] 
Standing ¥6,500 (tax out)
Exclusive Ticket (2F Reserved Seat・Original Gifts) ¥13,000 (tax out)
※ Exclusive Ticket is a special ticket available for 「a knot」 members only.
[Total Info] NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444 (Weekdays 14:00~18:00)
See more details on “TOUR18 FOLLOWERS” HERE

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