Kaoru|The fashion brand「MSML」to start up a Kaoru Edition line!

2019.09.27 INFORMATION

The fashion brand「Music Saved My Life(MSML)」 2020 announced it will start up a line called “Kaoru Edition” starting from the 2020 Summer&Spring Collection, featuring Kaoru as designer and producer.
The line will bring you a collection accurately produced that will also include items featuring illustration drawn by Kaoru.
Please check the MSML’s official website and SNS(Instagram/Twitter) for more information about the items, orders and delivery.
MSML http://www.msml.tokyo
MSML Instagram https://www.instagram.com/msmltokyo/
MSML Twitter https://twitter.com/msmltokyo
※「a knot」 and our official site cannot accept any inquiries regarding these products.

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