DIR EN GREY “TOUR20 疎外(SOGAI)” : Refund information for 【DIR EN GREY ONLINE pre-sale tickets】for Yokohama shows (Mar. 27th, 28th)

2020.03.24 INFORMATION

Thank you for your support to DIR EN GREY.
As announced, the following 2 shows from the upcoming tour have been postponed.
The tickets (both digital or physical) for the postponed shows are valid for the respective rescheduled show. Please make sure to keep your ticket until the day of the concert. Tickets will not be re-issued for any reason (including loss). You may not enter the venue without a valid ticket.
All the DIR EN GREY ONLINE members who are unable to attend the reschedule shows can have their pre-sale tickets refund.
2020/3/27(Fri.) 【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
2020/3/28(Sat.) 【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
※More information about the rescheduled shows HERE
《About DIR EN GREY ONLINE pre-sale tickets refund》
【Refund application term】March 25th, 2020 (Wed.)10:00~Apr. 5th, 2020 (Sun.)23:59
※Applications made after the term of above will be not eligible for refund.
◆Use e+ to apply for your ticket refund.
⇒ Please note that the procedure will be different depending on the payment method.
Please check the “Refund Procedure Guidance” at the link below
【How to get refund】Refund Procedure Guidance http://eplus.jp/refund2/ (PC・Smartphone)
【e+ Customers Support】http://eplus.jp/qa/

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