All the music from the “AUDIO LIVESTREAM 5 DAYS” is now available on iTunes Store!

2020.05.14 INFORMATION

From May 2nd to 6th 2020, 5 setlist made by members for a virtual live show, were premiered on DIR EN GREY Official YouTube Channel. This 5 days project was titled “AUDIO LIVESTREAM 5 DAYS”.
All the audio files of the playlist (do not include the final BGM “Ranunculus” and the audio of the new single announcement clip) are now available on iTunes Store!
You can now download each playlist as 1-track album and enjoy once again the music of the “AUDIO LIVESTREAM 5 DAYS”!
iTunes Store Music Download
2020.5.14 RELEASE
■2020.05.02 [DAY 1] Kaoru
■2020.05.03 [DAY 2] Toshiya
■2020.05.04 [DAY 3] Die
■2020.05.05 [DAY 4] Shinya
■2020.05.06 [DAY 5] Kyo
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