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DIR EN GREY “TOUR20 疎外 (SOGAI)”: about the Message Polaroid applications by SmarTicket holders

2020.06.19 NEWS

Thank you for your support to DIR EN GREY.
We apologize for the delay in reaching out to all the holders of SmarTickets who applied for the message polaroid with information about how the tickets will be verified to validate the application.
Starting from June 22th (Mon.), 2020, we will process the applications verifying the applicant information in comparison to a ticket holder list provided by e+.
Please note that only ticket holders who applied for the Message Polaroid within May 20th, 2020 are eligible for refund.
We will reach out to the eligible ticket holders to get the following information required to handle the refunds, so please check the list below.
■About SmarTicket Verification
①Please send an e-mail as follows:
Object:「スマチケ照合」(SmarTicket Verification)
Email body: Please fill in the required fields below and attach a screenshot of your ticket.
≪Required Fields≫
(1) Polaroid Application Number (9 digits code starting with “DIR9”)
(2) Full name of the person who purchased the SmarTicket (as from the application)
(3) Mobile phone number registered to e+
(4) Email address registered to e+
(5) Address registered to e+
(6) SmarTicket seat number / ticket number
(7) Number of tickets purchased
②Please send the e-mail at the address below within June 28th (Sun.), 2020.
Send to:sogai@direngrey.co.jp
Thank you for your cooperation,

sun-krad Co., Ltd.

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