“TOUR20 疎外 (SOGAI)”: update about refunds for 「a knot」 tickets.

2020.07.01 NEWS

Thank you for your support to DIR EN GREY.
We would like to inform you that we started processing the refunds for DIR EN GREY “TOUR20 疎外 (SOGAI)” ticket holders who applied for refund within May 20th, 2020. (Please note that incomplete or irregular application have not been processed yet.) Refunds are going to be wired to the bank account stated in the application form starting from July 1st (Wed.), 2020.
※If you applied for DIR EN GREY“TOUR20 疎外 (SOGAI)” Kanagawa / Miyagi / Hokkaido / Osaka Shows 「a knot」 ticket pre-sale refund and you still have not registered your bank information, please contact us with the following information
Send to: sogai@direngrey.co.jp
Object: 4月チケット郵送済み未入金 (Unrefunded ticket(s) for April shows )
e-mail body:
●「a knot」 Member Number
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