“The Insulated World -The Screams of Alienation-”: about VIP Ticket refund gift for who cannot come to the event venue

2020.07.21 INFORMATION

Considering that many of you cannot come to the After-Show Talk Event venue due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, we decided to register the event to make the video available on a special website at later date. Information about how to watch the footage will be sent by e-mail to the VIP Ticket holders who applied for the refund gift.
As you enter the special site, you will be requested to enter the After-show Talk Event application number and the e-mail address registered during the application in order to validate your access.
To prevent unauthorized log in, we will check and manage all the login information.
●Please note that if you wish to change anything in your application, you can simple re-submit it once more. The latest application will overwrite the old ones.
●The video from the event will be available for a limited time only, and you may watch only the footage from the date written on your ticket.
●Please note you cannot resubmit your application selecting refund instead of refund gift after attending the 「After-show Talk Event」. Your new application would be marked as invalid and the refund will not go through.
●As for the attendance to 「After-show Talk Event」, please check the information below:
※You can attend a special After-show Talk Event with the band to be held on July 23th and 24th, 2020 after the AUDIO LIVESTREAM “The Insulated World -The Screams of Alienation-” in a venue in Yokohama City. More information about the venue and other details about the event will be included in the application confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive any e-mail, please reach out to our team at tiw_haraimodoshi@direngrey.co.jp as soon as possible.
VIP Ticket holders may watch the AUDIO LIVESTREAM in the After-show Talk Event venue.
 ※VIP Ticket Holders may watch the AUDIO LIVESTREAM on a screen in the After-show Talk Event Venue.
※There is no interaction with members.
※Information about the venue and time schedule will be sent only to the unrefunded ticket gift applicant.
※You may attend only the event to be held on the day of the ticket you purchased.
※Only the person who has purchased the ticket may attend the event.
※Staff will require you to show your 「a knot」 Member card and a ID document with photo.
※Photos, video/audio recording are not allowed inside the venue.
≪Pia Arena MM Refund Support≫
▼Please include the following information in the e-mail body:
①Application number
②Full name
③Daytime phone number
④「a knot」 membership number (if member)
⑤Your question
▼Send to:
※We are willing to reply to all the e-mails within 3 business days since the reception of the inquiry.
Depending on the number of inquiries, we may need more time to get back to you. We hope in your kind understanding.
※The 3 days count for inquiries sent on weekends / holidays will start on the following business day.
※Please check your e-mail settings and make sure to allow the e-mail reception from the address of above.
※Please note that iCloud, mac.com, Hotmail, au e-mails seems to have issues in receiving our e-mails. If you do not receive our response after a while since your inquiry, please write us again using a different e-mail address.

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