Venue-only CD “『落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』” to be on sale!

2021.02.15 NEW RELEASE

A venue-only CD “『落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』 Venue-Only Ver.” will be on sale at all the venues of the upcoming “Concert Film Screening 『目黒鹿鳴館GIG (Meguro Rock-May-Kan GIG)』 ” to start on Feb. 16th, 2021 (Tue.)!
【Venue-Only CD】

『落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』 Venue-Only Ver.
01. 落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)
03. Followers [LIVE] ※Live Take at Islington Assembly Hall on Feb 5, 2020
¥1,200 (tax out)
※There are no restrictions on the number of copy per purchase. This CD comes in a limited-number press, to be available while stocks last.
※Tracks are the same as the digital version of 『落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』 .

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