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DIR EN GREY “TOUR21 DESPERATE”: Sendai and Shizuoka shows postponed

2021.09.09 NEWS

DIR EN GREY vocalist Kyo was diagnosed with an acute bronchitis, therefore we are sorry to inform you that two shows of the tour “TOUR21 DESPERATE” (9/10 SENDAI GIGS and 9/12 Shizuoka City Culture Hall) have been postponed as follows.
We deeply apologize to the all of you who were looking forward to attend these shows. We hope in your kind understanding.
9/10(Fri.) → 11/5(Fri.) 【MIYAGI】 SENDAI GIGS
9/12(Sun.) → 11/13(Sat.) 【SHIZUOKA】 Shizuoka City Culture Hall – Medium Hall
*No changes in the doors opening time / show starting time.
All the e-tickets will be valid for the respective rescheduled shows.
In the unfortunate case you cannot attend the rescheduled shows, you may apply for tickets refund. More information to be announced on this website at later date. Information about additional tickets sales to be announced as well.
The tour schedule will be as follows:
9/20(Mon.) 【TOCHIGI】 Tochigi Prefecture Cultural Center – Main Hall
9/24(Fri.) 【KANAGAWA】 KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」 & ONLINE only-
9/25(Sat.) 【SAITAMA】 KAWAGUCHI LILIA – Main Hall
10/1(Fri.) 【NAGANO】 Hokuto Cultural Hall – Medium Hall
10/10(Sun.) 【OKAYAMA】 Kurashiki Geibunkan
10/11(Mon.) 【SHIGA】 Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Shiga
10/16(Sat.) 【OSAKA】 Namba Hatch
10/17(Sun.) 【OSAKA】 Namba Hatch
10/26(Tue.) 【TOKYO】 Zepp Haneda
10/27(Wed.) 【TOKYO】 Zepp Haneda
11/1(Mon.) 【AICHI】 Zepp Nagoya
11/2(Tue.) 【AICHI】 Zepp Nagoya
11/5(Fri.) 【MIYAGI】 SENDAI GIGS (Postponed from 9/10)
11/13(Sat.) 【SHIZUOKA】 Shizuoka City Culture Hall – Medium Hall (Postponed from 9/11)

INQUIRIES:NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444(Weekdays 14:00~18:00)
Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to the all of you who were planning to attend the show.
NEXTROAD PRODUCTION Inc. / sun-krad Co., Ltd.
※It would be appreciated if you can share this information with your friends and acquaintance who purchased a ticket for this show.

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