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“TOUR21 DESPERATE” postponed shows in Sendai and Shizuoka: refunded tickets on sale on first come first served basis

2021.10.19 INFORMATION

The tickets that were refunded consequently to the postponement of the Sendai and Shizuoka dates of the current “TOUR21 DESPERATE” are going to be on sale on first come first served basis starting from today, Oct. 19th (Tue.) at 12:00. Please note that Exclusive Tickets may be purchased only by 「a knot」 members. You will need to enter your membership no. and the “「a knot」only site” login password.
Depending on the show, there may be only a few tickets left, so we would recommend you to get yours soon.
2021/11/5 (Fri.) 【MIYAGI】SENDAI GIGS(Postponed from 9/10)
2021/11/13 (Sat.) 【SHIZUOKA】Shizuoka City Culture Hall – Medium Hal (Postponed from 9/12)
[Info] NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444(Weekdays 14:00〜18:00)
Open 17:00 / Start 18:00 (weekends and national holidays)
Open 17:30 / Start 18:30 (weekdays)
■Exclusive Ticket (Reserved seats, comes with original gift) ¥19,800 (All fees included)
■Regular Reserved Seats ¥9,800 (All fees included)
★About Exclusive Ticket
・Only members of OFFICIAL FAN CLUB 「a knot」 may purchase the Exclusive Ticket. In case the Exclusive Ticket are not sold out after the OFFICIAL FAN CLUB 「a knot」 Presales, tickets for the available seats may be sold as Regular Reserved seats during the other presales / general sales.
・The Exclusive Ticket seats will be located on the 2F or on the 1F near the PA booth.
・Original gift (same item(s) for both the Exclusive and VIP tickets) will be handed out at doors.
※In order to purchase your ticket you will need to enter your 5 digit 「a knot」 membership number and the “「a knot」only site” login password (8 to 12 digits alphanumeric password).
[Where to buy] TicketTown(e-tickets)
[Purchase Limit]
・Exclusive Ticket up to 2 tickets per show
・Regular Reserved Seats  up to 4 tickets per show
[Sale to start] 2021/10/19(Tue.)12:00~
※First come first served
※While stocks last
[URL] https://www.tickettown.site/
[Payment Methods] Credit Card only
Accepted cards: Visa、Mastercard、American Express、Discover、Diners Club
[System fee]
¥220/1 ticket
※To who do not have a credit card
TicketTown accepts the “VANDLE CARD – the Visa prepaid card anyone can get”. Please note that it is service that is not managed by our company, so please use it under your own responsibility. 「a knot」 and our official site cannot accept any inquiries regarding this service.
▼VANDLE CARD – the Visa prepaid card anyone can get
※About tickets purchase
※About 「a knot」 ticket purchase
※For questions about TicketTown and e-Tickets

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