Please, read the following warnings and regulations regarding DIR EN GREY’s live shows carefully. Note that non-compliance with the following rules might cause the cancellation of the show or the expulsion from the venue of the related person. Thank you for your cooperation.

【About risky behaviors】
■It is strictly prohibited to join risky behaviors such as moshing and diving. The event promoter, the artists, and their agency will not be held responsible for any trouble or accident caused by non-compliance with the instructions given by the venue staff.

【About the entrance and regulations inside the venue】
■ The admission to the venue will be regulated by the issued ticket numbers. Staff may restrict the admissions once the show starts.
■We do not take responsibility for any loss or theft of personal items.
■It is strictly prohibited to bring dangerous items, alcoholic drinks, and devices for audio and/or video recording (photo and video cameras, tape or digital recorders, and so on) into the venue. If any of those items are found, the staff may confiscate such items and/or the ticket and expel the owner from the venue.
■It is strictly prohibited to take photos, videos or audio recordings inside the venue using any kind of device, including and not limited to smartphones and cameras.
■Staff has the right to not let in or either expel from the venue those who do not follow the designated rules or staff indications.
■Staff may ask you to move to another seat in order to allow the smooth execution of the show.
■Any show may be subject to video recordings or photography by the artist management / event organizer with promotional or sales purposes. By attending the show, you agree to the possibility of being portrayed in any video or photography of this kind.

【About the behavior and regulations outside the venue】
■Please make sure your behavior does not disturb any third parties nearby.
■Be aware that all the merchandising that may be on sale outside the venue is not official and yet harm the rights of the artists. Please, do not purchase any unofficial goods.

【About ticket resales】
■Overpriced ticket resales for business purposes are strictly prohibited. If resold tickets are found out or suspected, they will be invalidated and will not allow you to enter the venue. In that case, no refund will be made. This applies to all third-party and ticket shop sales.
■In case you hand over a ticket to any of your acquaintances or friends, please make sure to inform them about the resales regulation.
※We do not take any responsibility for troubles caused by ticket transfers.
※Some tickets allow the venue entrance ONLY to the person whose name is written on the ticket. Such tickets may not be transferred to any third parties.

【About the tickets】
■Every ticket is only valid for the show, venue, and day which is written on it, and allows the entrance of 1 person only.
■Tickets may not be reissued for any reason. We do not accept any cancellation or refund for tickets after their purchase. Please, keep your ticket until the end of the show.
■Please, do not take off the detachable ticket stub before entering the venue since that will invalidate the ticket. In addition, any intentional alteration or change on the ticket contents will also make them invalid.

【Other notices and regulations】
■Pre-scholar children may not enter the venue.
■Drunk people may not enter the venue.
■Please, note that there may be changes in the planned contents of the event.
■Ticket refunds or exchanges will be accepted exclusively in case of show cancellation and in accordance with the terms stated in the cancellation announcement. Damaged and lost tickets will not be refunded, neither any travel expenses.

【About wheelchair use】
■For those planning to assist any show using a wheelchair, please contact each venue staff in advance in order to get appropriate instructions.
Non-compliance with the above-written rule may cause expulsion from the venue. The event promoter, the artists, and their agency will not be held responsible for any trouble or accident caused by the inobservance of the indications given by the venue staff.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.