Update about DIR EN GREY NEW SINGLE『The World of Mercy』(2019.9.18 RELEASE)

2019.08.21 NEW RELEASE

「Bleed You are alive.」
DIR EN GREY, who have been focusing on theme of “pain” since the very beginning of their career, are now going to release a long awaited NEW SINGLE『The World of Mercy』, to be released on Sep. 18th, 2019. The band has just unveiled the new artist photo (check it HERE) and the artworks for this single.
『The World of Mercy』
2019.9.18 RELEASE

  • 【Limited Deluxe Version】
    CD+Blu-ray SFCD-0241〜242
    ¥5,500 (tax out)
    CD+DVD SFCD-0243〜244
    ¥4,500 (tax out)
  • 【Limited Version】
    CD+DVD SFCD-0245〜246
    ¥1,800 (tax out)
  • 【Regular Version】
    ¥1,200 (tax out)

■NEW SINGLE 『The World of Mercy』Special Site Unveiled!
■Track list for the 【Limited Version】 Bonus Footage announced!
It has been decided that the bonus footage disc (DVD) will feature 3 live clips from DIR EN GREY’s latest tour “TOUR19 The Insulated World”, 2019.04.15 SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST show.
1. 人間を被る (Ningen wo Kaburu)
2. Ranunculus
3. 鬼眼 (kigan)
■Record Shops Preorder Bonus Present information
<Eligible customers>
Customers who preorders one or more copies of 【Limited Deluxe Version】(CD+Blu-ray SFCD-0241〜242 / CD+DVD SFCD-0243〜244)、【Limited Version】(CD+DVD SFCD-0245〜246)、【Regular Version】(SFCD-0247)
・TOWER RECORDS (May not be available at all shops)
 Sticker A [Artist Photo unreleased shot]
・HMV (May not be available at all shops)
 Sticker B [Artist Photo unreleased shot]
・TSUTAYA (May not be available at all shops)
 Postcard A [Artist Photo unreleased shot]
 Postcard B [Artist Photo unreleased shot]
・Other Records Shops
 B3 Poster
・Rakuten Box
Original Badge Mirror [Limited Deluxe Version Artwork Design]
※While the supplies last.
※Please contact the stores directly for inquiries regarding the availability of the bonus items.
※On Amazon there are two product pages for each version of the single: one coming with the preorder bonus present, one for the product only (no postcard). Please make sure to choose the right product when making your order.

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