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DIR EN GREY OFFICIAL FAN CLUB 「a knot」 : notice about membership fee rise due to Consumption Tax increase and website maintenance

2019.09.13 FAN CLUB

DIR EN GREY OFFICIAL FAN CLUB 「a knot」 have been providing services to fans without major changes in its membership fee since May 1998 but, due to the increase of the Consumption Tax and the consequent rise of the shipping and manufacturing costs, we inform you that from October 1st, 2019 the membership fee will increase as follows.
We apologize and we hope in your kind understanding.
▼Entrance Fee
Currently:¥1,029(Tax inc.) ⇒ From Oct.1st:¥1,100(Tax inc.)
▼Annual Membership Fee
Currently:¥5,143(Tax inc.) ⇒ From Oct.1st:¥6,000(Tax inc.)
※There may be additional fees.
※The new membership fee should apply to all the membership renewal made after Oct. 1st, 2019, even in the case you renew your membership at the post office.
※From Oct. 1st, 2019 also the Member Card re-issue fee will rise from ¥1,000 (tax inc.) to ¥1,000 (tax inc.).
Also, we are sorry to inform you that consequently to the rise of the membership fees, a system maintenance is planned as follows. Please note that during the maintenance time you cannot join the fan club or renew your membership online.
【Maintenance Schedule】
From 2019/10/1(Tue.)0:00 to 10/2(Wed.)17:59
※We accept only credit card payment from 2019/9/29(Sun.)23:00 to 9/30(Mon.)23:59.
※You may not be able to complete an operation if starting right before the maintenance start time.
※The maintenance schedule may change.
Dir en grey OFFICIAL FAN CLUB「a knot」

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