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New Fee Structure in compliance to the Consumption Tax increase

2014.03.19 FAN CLUB

Due to the recent increase in consumption tax in Japan the Dir en grey OFFICIAL FAN CLUB 「a knot」 fee structure will be as follow starting April 1, 2014.
【Current Fee(Until March 31, 2014))
Application 1,000JPY (Fee 953JPY+tax 47JPY)
Annual Fee 5,000JPY (Fee4,762JPY+tax 238JPY)
【New Fee(From April 1, 2014))
Application 1,029JPY (Fee 953JPY+tax 76JPY)
Annual Fee 5,143JPY (Fee 4,762JPY+tax381JPY)
<For new applications>
■For those who complete their application by March 31, 2014
Application Fee 1,000JPY+Annual Fee 5,000JPY=total 6,000JPY
■For those who apply from April 1, 2014 onwards
Application Fee 1,029JPY+Annual Fee 5,143JPY=total 6,172JPY
<For renewal and reapplication >
■For those whose membership end at the end of March 2014
Annual Fee 5,000JPY
※However, for those who renew after April 1, 2014, the new fee will apply so please take note.
■For those whose membership end at theafter April 2014
Annual Fee 5,143JPY
※For those who fall under this category, despite renewing in March 2014, the new fee structure will still apply.
※If due to the circumstances above you would like to end your membership with us, please refer to the official website for further information.
Please contact 「a knot」 for further inquiries.
Dir en grey OFFICIAL FAN CLUB 「a knot」

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