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Kaoru|Kaoru’s Monthly Column “Kaoru’s Dokugen” in Magazine “Ongaku To Hito” will now be compiled into 1 Book!

2015.09.04 INFORMATION

 Kaoru’s Monthly Column “Kaoru’s Dokugen” in Magazine “Ongaku To Hito” which started in May of 2012 will now be compiled into 1 book. Not only will the book feature all his columns from “Ongaku To Hito”, but it will also include a long essay written exclusively for this book and a long interview where he talks about his childhood and upbringings; the never before told biography of Kaoru all in 1 book.
Sold Exclusively at Tower Records!
On Sale : Oct. 21, 2015
¥2,500 (tax out)
Published by:Ongaku To Hito Inc.
May 2012 issue ~ March 2015 issue of “Kaoru’s Dokugen”/ Exclusive Long Essay/ Special Interview looking back on Kaoru’s Life/
Exclusive Photos of Kaoru/Photo Album by Kaoru
≪Important Notice≫
This book is sold exclusively at Tower Records; not sold in any other book store or CD shops. If there are no Tower Records stores near you, you may purchase this book from Tower Records online store.
【Free Shipping and Handling】

DIR EN GREY Kaoru’s Book “Dokugen” Talk Show and Book Signing Event

■Date Time
Oct. 25, 2015 (Sun) 14:00
Tower Records Shibuya Store 1F Event Space
■To Participate
Free admission for all.
We will give out a priority ticket for talk show & book signing for those of you who purchase the book at either Tower Records Shibuya or Shinjuku store.
Oct. 21, 2015 (Wed) on sale.<in stores Oct. 20, 2015 (Tue)>
Tickets are limited. After all the priority tickets are given out, we will then give out the book signing tickets.
For more information : http://tower.jp/store/event/2015/10/003019

※Please note that 「a knot」and our site cannot accept any inquiries regarding this matter

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