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Kaoru|Talk Events to be held in Tokyo and Osaka in February!

2017.01.17 INFORMATION

 It has been one year since the in Jan. 2016, and now it has been announced that other Talk Events by Kaoru (DIR EN GREY) will be held in two venues, in Tokyo and Osaka in February!
This time, the Talk Events will welcome Joe Yokomizo (Editor of “Rolling Stone Japan”) as guest, who has also been taking part regularly to Kaoru’s radio program InterFM897「The Freedom of Expression」. They will bring you an interesting talk full of topics and episodes that you will never ever be able to hear in any other occasion!
DIR EN GREY Kaoru Talk Event
「Tokyo Toranoana」(Evening Show/Late Night Show)
Feb. 11 (Sat), 2017
Shinjyuku Loft Plus One
「Osaka Toranoana」(Evening Show/Late Night Show)
Feb. 17 (Fri), 2017
Osaka Loft Plus One
—–Both “Tokyo Tora no Ana” and “Osaka Tora no Ana” Shows.—–
<Evening Show> OPEN 19:00 / START 20:00
<Late Night Show> OPEN 24:00 / START 25:00
※ Evening and Late Night shows are each separate shows.
Kaoru (DIR EN GREY)、Joe Yokomizo (Editor of “Rolling Stone Japan”)
■Ticket Price
Advance¥3,500(drinks not included)per show
※1 order of ¥500 or more is required
※Original coaster giveaway to all attendees
■Ticket Info
On sale 1.28 (Sat) at e+
・2/11(sat) Shinjyuku Loft Plus One
<Evening Show> Tickets
<Late Night Show> Tickets
(For PC/Smart Phones/Mobile Phones)
・2/17(fri) Osaka Loft Plus One
<Evening Show> Tickets
<Late Night Show> Tickets
(For PC/Smart Phones/Mobile Phones)
Rules and Regulations:
※1 order of ¥500 or more is required.
※Entry is according to the numbered ticket you are given in the order of your arrival.
※Seats are non-reserved. Please arrive to the venue at an appropriate time to secure good seats. Please note that stage is not fully visible from some seats.
※Reselling of tickets for profit is prohibited. Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse admittance with tickets bought through resale.
※Recording of any kind on any device, waiting by doors, bringing in and eating the food or beverage in the venue, and reserving seats for friends are prohibited.
※<Late Night> Under 18 and/or high school students are not permitted. There will be an ID check at doors. (driver’s license, student ID, company ID, passport or any other IDs issued by an official public institution) . Alcohol will not be served to minors.
※「a knot」 and our official site cannot accept any inquiries regarding this event

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