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DIR EN GREY “TOUR20 疎外(SOGAI)” : 「a knot」 pre-sale ticket refund

2020.03.23 INFORMATION

Thank you for your support to DIR EN GREY.
As announced on this website, the first 4 shows of the upcoming tour have been postponed.
All the tickets are valid for the re-scheduled shows so please make sure to keep them until the day of the concert.
All the 「a knot」 members who are unable to attend the reschedule shows can have their 「a knot」 pre-sale tickets refund. Please read the conditions below and apply for refund within the term stated.

2020/3/27(Fri.) 【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
→TO BE HELD ON:2020/5/14(Thu.)【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
OPEN 18:15 / START 19:00


2020/3/28(Sat.) 【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
→TO BE HELD ON:2020/5/15(Fri.)【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
OPEN 18:15 / START 19:00


2020/4/1(Wed)【MIYAGI】Sendai GIGS
→TO BE HELD ON:2020/5/8(Fri.) 【MIYAGI】Sendai GIGS
OPEN 18:15 / START 19:00


2020/4/4(Sat.) 【HOKKAIDO】Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Citizens Hall)
→TO BE HELD ON:2020/5/6(Wed.) 【HOKKAIDO】Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Citizens Hall)
OPEN 17:15 / START 18:00

※Only the ticket applicant may have the tickets refunded. The applicant should eventually apply for the refund of the tickets bought on behalf of other people.
※If you bought more than 1 ticket for the shows of above, you may apply for refund of all the tickets or of specific one(s) only.
Bought 4 tickets (1F Standing) for the Sendai show of Apr. 1st:
If you want to get refund for 2 tickets only → send back 2 tickets (need to have consecutive ticket number)
※Once your application is complete, you may not edit or change it. Please be pay attention while proceeding with the application.
※【Only 「a knot」 presale tickets】 are eligible for this refund method. Please note that we cannot refund any other tickets such as the general sales tickets. Announcement about refund for those tickets will follow soon on this website.
Your tickets must be sent back【postmarked on or before Apr. 3rd (Fri.), 2020】 following the instruction of below.
【Refund Application Term】
Mar. 23rd (Mon.), 2020~Apr. 3rd (Fri.), 2020
※Tickets sent back after Apr. 3rd will be not refunded.
【How to send back the tickets】
Send the tickets within Apr. 3rd (Fri.), 2020 (postmark) by registered mail (¥244).
※Please use registered mail only. We do not accept tickets sent with other shipping methods such as COD or express home delivery services.
※If you need more than 1 ticket to be refunded, please send them back all in the same envelope, no matter if they are for different shows.
〔What to send back〕
Unused ticket with counterfoil not torn off
(※If applying for refund of Exclusive Ticket make sure to send back also the Original Gift Claim Ticket)
〔Sent ticket(s) back within〕
Apr. 3rd (Fri.), 2020 (postmark)
〔Send to〕
〒150-8691 JAPAN POST Co., Ltd. – Shibuya Post Office
PO Box No.211 Ticket agency
「DIR EN GREY Ticket Refund」
〔How to receive the refund〕
After receiving the tickets you sent back to the address of above, we will send to the address registered to 「a knot」 the receipt of money order for ticket fee and the registered mail fee (¥244).
The money orders will be sent out to your address within mid-May. Please reach to the information center if you still don’t receive yours by early June.
The money order receipt will be sent out by Postal Savings Center in a green envelope. Please bring it along with an ID document to the local post office to receive the refund.
※Please note that only the ticket price will be refunded. Other fee you may have eventually be billed to are not eligible for refund.
※We will refund the registered mail fee (¥244) only. If you have sent back the ticket by any other shipping method you may not ask for having the difference reimbursed.
※If you are unable to pick up the money order receipt shipped to your address, it will be reissued. In that case, the issuing fee will be withheld from the refund amount.
※If you still have to received your ticket(s) for the refund eligible show(s), please get in touch with the information center.
【Inquiries about the tickets refund】
Information Center (050-3821-0607 ※Weekdays 13:00~17:00)

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