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“The Insulated World -The Screams of Alienation-”: shipping notice for 『落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』Package Ver. (Pia Arena MM Special Edition)

2020.10.30 NEWS

Thank you for supporting DIR EN GREY.
This is an update about 『落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora)』Package Ver. (Pia Arena MM Special Edition), the special gift to thank all the people who chose to do not apply for refund of their tickets for “The Insulated World -The Screams of Alienation-”, to inform you we started shipping the gifts today (shipping will be handled on the application order basis). We deeply apologize for the delay.
Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, along with the recent flood events, the delivery in some regions may be subject to delays. If you still do not receive your gift(s) by Nov. 9th (Mon.), 2020, please send us an e-mail as follows.
Please note that we cannot accept any kind of refund application / inquiry for “TOUR20 疎外 (SOGAI)”, “The Insulated World -The Screams of Alienation-” after Dec. 10th (Thu.), 2020.
<Inquiries about unreceived gift(s) and other general questions>
Send to:tiw_haraimodoshi@direngrey.co.jp
Object:ぴあアリーナMM返礼品について (About Pia Arena Refund Gift)
e-mail Body:
●Daytime Phone Number
●「a knot」Membership Number (if member)
●Polaroid Application Number「DIRTIWXXXXX」
●Your question
To all the customers who still have to have their ticket service fee refunded, we will also include in the package a postal money order for 450 yen.

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