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DIR EN GREY to participate to YouTube Special Program 「YouTube Music Weekend」(Dec. 3rd (Thu.) to 6th (Sun.))

2020.11.09 NEWS

It has just been announced that DIR EN GREY will participate to 「YouTube Music Weekend」, a special program hosted by YouTube from Dec. 3rd (Thu.) to 6th (Sun.), featuring live footages from a total of 47 popular Japanese artists.
All the contents will be available on YouTube Japan Official Channel as well as on each Artist Official Channel. The event time table will come soon, and the Super Chat feature will be available during the premiere of all the footages.
YouTube Music Weekend
Dec. 3rd (Thu.) to 6th (Sun.), 2020
On the Artist Official Channel and on playlists YouTube Japan Official Channel (to be added soon)
DIR EN GREY Official Artist Channel
YouTube Japan Official Channel
【Participating Artists】
絢香 / [Alexandros] / いきものがかり / 嘘とカメレオン / 内田彩 / Awich / AK-69 / 大森靖子 / ORANGE RANGE / 神はサイコロを振らない / Galneryus / Creepy Nuts / GLIM SPANKY / くるり / GLAY / GRAPEVINE / KREVA / Crossfaith / 倖田來未 / the shes gone / 渋谷すばる / SKY-HI / 高橋優 / ちゃんみな / 超特急 / DISH// / DIR EN GREY / Dragon Ash / Nulbarich / 人間椅子 / Non Stop Rabbit / HYDE / Vaundy / 秦 基博 / 浜崎あゆみ / PUNPEE / ビッケブランカ / FAITH / 布袋 寅泰 / MY FIRST STORY / マカロニえんぴつ / majiko / 三阪咲 / ヤバイTシャツ屋さん / yonawo / Reol / wacci
※Artist list may be subject to changes
※The event time table is coming soon
More information HERE
※「a knot」 and our official site cannot accept any inquiries regarding this program.

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