【Important Notice】About the streaming of “Concert Film Digital Screening 『The World You Live In』-additional-”

2020.12.31 NEWS

We are sorry to inform you that Die (Guitar) has got in close contact with a COVID-19 patient, so he will not take part to the special talk-show by DIR EN GREY members from “Concert Film Digital Screening 『The World You Live In』-additional-”, to be streamed today from 23:00.
Only the other 4 members, Kyo, Kaoru, Toshiya and Shinya, will take part to the talk-show.
Please note that we cannot accept ticket refund application for this event.
Die has taken a PCR test, and he is currently waiting for the results. At the moment, he has no symptoms such as fever or cough, but he is self-quarantining as from the instruction given by the Healthcare Center.
Recently he has not got in contact with the other 4 members.
We deeply apologize with the all of you who were looking forward to watch the talk-show by the 5 of the members. We hope in your kind understanding.

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