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2021.05.26 MAGAZINE

「MASSIVE Vol.38」
Interview by Kaoru
2021/5/6(Thu.) 「BURRN!」 June Issue Interview by Kaoru
2021/4/27(Tue.) 「GiGS」 June Issue <Front cover>Interview、Gear
2021/4/21(Wed.) 「Ongaku To Hito Extra Issue PHY」Vol.18 Interview by Shinya
2021/4/5(Mon.) 「Ongaku To Hito」 Sep. Issue Interview by Kaoru
2020/9/19(Sat.) 「Ongaku To Hito Extra Issue PHY」Vol.17 Interview by Toshiya
2020/9/4(Fri.) 「BURRN!」 Oct. Issue Interview by Kaoru&Toshiya
2020/8/18(Tue.) 「Headbang」Vol.27 Interview by 薫、Die&Toshiya
2020/8/5(Wed.) 「Ongaku To Hito」Sep. Issue Interview by Die
2020/7/2(Thu.) 「BURRN! JAPAN」Vol.16 Interview by Kaoru
2020/6/19(Fri.) 「ROCK AND READ 090」 ”The World You Live In” Live Report
2020/6/15(Mon.) 「WeROCK」Vol.77 Interview by Toshiya
2020/6/10(Wed.) 「Ongaku To Hito Extra Issue PHY」Vol.16 Interview by Kaoru
2020/5/29(Fri.) 「ROCKIN’ON JAPAN」July Issue ”The World You Live In” Live Report
2019/12/25(Wed.) 「ROCK AND READ 087」 Live Report
2019/12/19(Thu.) 「BASS MAGAZINE」Jan. Issue Interview by Toshiya
2019/11/19(Tue.) 「BASS MAGAZINE」Dec. Issue Questionnaire Answered by Toshiya
2019/11/11(Mon.) 「MASSIVE Vol.35」 Interview by Kaoru&Shinya
2019/10/4(Fri.) 「BURRN!」Nov. Issue Interview by Kyo
2019/9/24(Tue.) 「BURRN! JAPAN Vol.15」 <Front cover>Interview
2019/9/9(Mon.) 「SENSE」Oct. Issue Jūnin-toiro no Backlash(Die)
2019/9/5(Thu.) 「Ongaku To Hito」Oct. Issue Interview by Kaoru
2019/8/27(Tue.) 「GiGS」 Oct. Issue Interview by Kaoru, Die & Toshiya、Gear
2019/8/16(Fri.) 「WeROCK 072」 <Front cover>Interview by Toshiya
2019/7/2(Tue.) 「Extra Issue Kadokawa Scene 01」 Interview by Kaoru
2019/5/29(Wed.) 「Black B-PASS」#02 <Front cover>Kyo×EXILE SHOKICHI Interview、Interview by Kyo
2019/5/24(Fri.) 「MASSIVE」Vol.34 Live Report
2019/4/24(Wed.) 「Headbang」Vol.22 Interview by Shinya
2019/2/26(Tue.) 「STER EDGE 011」 Interview by Toshiya
2019/1/31(Thu.) 「BURRN! JAPAN」Vol.13 Interview by Kaoru
2018/12/25(Tue.) 「STER EDGE 010」 Interview by Toshiya
2018/12/6(Thu.) 「Headbang」Vol.20 Interview by Kaoru
2018/10/25(Thu.) 「STER EDGE 009」 Interview by Toshiya
2018/10/19(Fri.) 「BASS MAGAZINE」Nov. Issue <Front cover>Interview by Toshiya、Gear
2018/10/15(Mon.) 「WeROCK」Vol.32 Interview by Toshiya、Gear
2018/10/5(Fri.) 「BURRN!」 Nov. Issue Interview by Kaoru
2018/10/5(Fri.) 「Ongaku To Hito」 Nov. Issue Interview by Kyo
2018/9/29(Sat.) 「ROCKIN’ON JAPAN」Nov. Issue Interview
2018/9/28(Fri.) 「CD DATA 2018 [KA-MI]」 Interview、Live Report
2018/9/27(Thu.) 「GiGS」Nov. Issue <Front cover>Interview、Live Report、Gear
2018/9/26(Wed.) 「MASSIVE」 Vol.32 <Front cover>Interview、Live Report
2018/9/26(Wed.) 「Ongaku To Hito Extra Issue PHY」Vol.13 <Front cover>Interview
2018/9/20(Thu.) 「okmusic UP’」 Vol.169 Interview by Die&Shinya、Live Report
2018/9/5(Wed.) 「Ongaku To Hito」 Oct. Issue Interview by Kaoru
2018/8/31(Fri.) 「STER EDGE 008」 Interview by Toshiya
2018/8/25(Sat.) 「MIND-V Vol.9」 Live Report
2018/6/25(Mon.) 「STER EDGE 007」 Interview by Toshiya
2018/5/23(Wed.) 「MASSIVE」 Vol.30 Interview by Toshiya
2018/5/7(Mon.) 「BURRN!」 June Issue Interview by Kyo
2018/4/27(Fri.) 「GiGS」 June Issue Interview by Kaoru&Shinya
2018/4/5(Thu.) 「Ongaku To Hito」 May Issue Interview by Die
2018/3/29(Thu.) 「STER EDGE 006」 Interview by Toshiya
2018/1/6(Sat.) 「Ongaku To Hito」Feb. Issue Interview by Kaoru

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