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『朧 (Oboro)』 Purchaser Campaign: notice about access code for the “Online Solo Events”

2021.07.19 INFORMATION

We would like to inform you that you can now get your Access Code(s) you need to apply / participate to the “Online Solo Events” from DIR EN GREY 32nd SINGLE『朧(Oboro)』 Purchasers Campaign!
All the purchasers who would like to attend the event will need to get their Access Codes before the event to start. Please check the serial code flyer included in the CD for more information about how to get the Access Code, and read carefully the warnings on the Access Code Special Website.
Please note that a 3 days archive will be available for each event. To watch the archive, you will need to enter your Access Code. Codes can be issued only before the event live streaming start, so please make sure to get your Access Code before the live streaming for the event you would like to attend starts.
▼Get your Access Code at the special page below:
≪Online Solo Events Schedule≫
2021/7/24(Sat.) 13:00~ Die
2021/7/24(Sat.) 16:00~ Kaoru
2021/7/24(Sat.) 19:00~ Kyo
2021/7/25(Sun.) 16:00~ Toshiya
2021/7/25(Sun.) 19:00~ Shinya
※Everyone who purchased 『朧(Oboro)』 【Limited Deluxe Version】, 【First Press Limited Version】 or 【Regular Version】 may attend these events.
※The Online Solo Events will be held on the video streaming platform “GALACAA”. To participate, you will need the serial code included in the single. Please follow the instruction on the flyer and use your serial code to get the “GALACAA” Access Code by accessing to the special site. You will need to get your “GALACAA” Access Code to participate to the event.
※Please note that the “GALACAA” Access Code will be issued only before each event to start. You will not be able to get your Access Code after the event started.

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