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NEW ALBUM『PHALARIS』Tower Records Nagoya Parco instore event reschedule announcement

2022.07.08 INFORMATION

The instore event for DIR EN GREY’s new album『PHALARIS』at Tower Records Nagoya Parco that had been postponed has now been rescheduled.
≪Instore Event≫
NEW ALBUM『PHALARIS』Release Instore Event
Autographed original card handout (by one member)
June 30th (Thu.) from 18:00【Aichi】Tower Records Nagoya Parco
⇒July 17th (Sun.) from 16:30【Aichi】Tower Records Nagoya Parco
※No changes made to the event location.
For those already holding an instore event admission ticket, it will still be valid for the rescheduled date. Nevertheless, the designated meeting time has been changed.
≪Designated meeting time≫
June 30th (Thu.) 17:40⇒July 17th (Sun.) 16:10
June 30th (Thu.) 18:00⇒July 17th (Sun.) 16:30
June 30th (Thu.) 18:20⇒July 17th (Sun.) 16:50
※Please, make sure to keep your admission ticket until the day of the event.
※Admission tickets will not be re-issued for any reason (including loss or disposal). You may not enter the venue without a valid ticket.
※For those who made a reservation of the product and haven’t picked it up yet: in case you wish to cancel it, please, contact the designated store before July 14th (Thu.).
Those who unfortunately will not be able to participate in the event on the rescheduled date can receive the autographed original card by post after the event.
In case of wanting the autographed original card shipped, please send your event admission ticket by post to the address below. Please, make sure to attach a note with the following information enclosed to the letter. (*The delivery destination will be limited to Japan.)
〒106-0032 Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi 5-18-18-4F
FWD Inc.
DIR EN GREY Nagoya in-store card shipping
【What you need to attach】
・Event admission ticket
・Note with the following information
① Name
② Address you want the autographed card shipped to
③ Available contact phone number
【Shipping deadline】
Stamp effective on a not later date than July 22nd (Fri.) 2022

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