Movie 『DIR EN GREY LIVE FILM Zankyou no Ketsumyaku』: Presale MovieTicket 【FAN CLUB Ticket】 to be available at Zepp Shinjuku & “New Registration & Membership Renewal Campaign” announced!

2024.07.08 INFORMATION

Presale MovieTicket (card ticket) 【FAN CLUB Ticket】 for 『DIR EN GREY LIVE FILM Zankyou no Ketsumyaku ~mode of Withering to death.~』 to start from September 20th (Fri.) and 『DIR EN GREY LIVE FILM Zankyou no Ketsumyaku ~mode of UROBOROS~』, starting on October 4th (Fri.), will be on sale at the -「a knot」only- shows from “TOUR24 PSYCHONNECT” to be held on July 9th (Tue.) and 10th (Wed.) at Zepp Shinjuku.
Also, to celebrate the release of the movie 『DIR EN GREY LIVE FILM Zankyou no Ketsumyaku』, we will hold a “New Registration & Membership Renewal Campaign” to allow the new members who join the fan club in between July 1st (Mon.) and the day of the shows to purchase the 【FAN CLUB Ticket】. Please complete the payment of the membership fee within the day of the show and come to the booth after checking the status in your デジタル会員証ページ (Digital Member Card) is set on 「待機会員 (Member awaiting for activation)」.
※Please note that even if you join the fan club during this campaign, your membership will be activated on August 1st (Thu.). You will be able to access to the members benefits such as the ticket presales, the 「a knot」only site, and Members-only merch online sales at GALAXY BROAD SHOP from August 1st (Thu.).
※【FAN CLUB Ticket】 are planned to be on sale online for members only. More information to be announced.
(1) Access https://aknot.direngrey.jp/
(2) Log in using the e-mail address registered to 「a knot」 and your 「a knot」only site password (alphanumeric, 8 to 16 digits)
(3) After logging in, tap the 「会員証を表示(Digital Member Card)」 (red button) at the top of the page to see your QR code member card.
DIR EN GREY LIVE FILM Zankyou no Ketsumyaku ~mode of Withering to death.~
DIR EN GREY LIVE FILM Zankyou no Ketsumyaku ~mode of UROBOROS~
■Official website: https://liveviewing.jp/direngrey_film/
■Official X: https://x.com/direngrey_film
■Announcement footage: https://youtu.be/Tn-SCwwXchU
Presale MovieTicket (card ticket)
・Zepp Shinjuku Show: 2 types (Standard Tickets / FAN CLUB Tickets)
※You will need to show you DIR EN GREY OFFICIAL FAN CLUB「a knot」 card (digital only) in order to purchase FAN CLUB Tickets at the shows at Zepp Shinjuku.
¥3,200 (tax in) each
※Cash only.
 You may not pay by credit card, electronic currencies, transportation IC card etc.
※The ticket booth access numbered ticket is not valid for the Presale MovieTicket sales.
※There will be a stock for each show. The sales will end as soon as the tickets run out of stock.
※We expect the booth to be crowded. In order to reduce the waiting times, it would be appreciated if you can get ready with the exact amount of money for your purchase to avoid change.
※Defective items may be exchanged only on the same day of your purchase.
※By purchasing 1 ticket, you will be able to watch either 【~mode of Withering to death.~】 OR 【~mode of UROBOROS~】. In case you wish to watch both the movies with the Presale MovieTicket, you will need to purchase 2 of them.
※There is the possibility that these tickets may not be used for the screenings with event (cast greetings etc.)
※Since these are Presale MovieTicket, discounts for people with disabilities will not be available. Please note that those discounts will apply on tickets purchased at the cinemas.
▼More information
※Please note that 「a knot」 and this website cannot accept any inquiry regarding this movie. Please check the 「よくある質問 (Frequently asked questions)」 section at the page stated above. Thank you.

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