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DIR EN GREY “TOUR20 疎外 (SOGAI)” – Yokohama, Miyagi, Hokkaido Tickets Refund Information: DIR EN GREY ONLINE Presales (except Yokohama shows), GALAXY BROAD CARD Presales, Official Site Presale and General Sales

2020.03.25 INFORMATION

Thank you for your support to DIR EN GREY.
As announced on this website, the following 4 shows of the upcoming tour have been postponed.
2020/3/27(Fri.) 【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
2020/3/28(Sat.) 【KANAGAWA】KT Zepp Yokohama -「a knot」& ONLINE only-
2020/4/1(Wed)【MIYAGI】Sendai GIGS
2020/4/4(Sat.) 【HOKKAIDO】Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Citizens Hall)
All the tickets are valid for the re-scheduled shows so please make sure to keep them until the day of the concert.
If you purchased a ticket for one of the shows of above and are unable to attend the respective reschedule show, you can get a refund for your ticket. Please read the conditions below and apply for refund within the term stated.
■Check HERE for information about refunds for 「a knot」 Ticket Presale
■Check HERE for information about DIR EN GREY ONLINE Ticket Sales for Yokohama shows
■Check HERE for more information about the rescheduled shows
《Tickets purchased through Ticket Agencies》
You will get your refund from the Ticket Agency you used to purchase your ticket. Please note you will need an unused ticket with counterfoil to apply for refund.
Refund procedure differs depending on each Ticket Agency. Please continue reading for more information.
【Refund Application Term】
Mar. 26th (Thu.) 2020, 10:00~Apr. 5th (Sun.) 2020, 23:59
※Application made after Apr. 5th (Sun.) will be not refunded.
◆about DIR EN GREY ONLINE Ticket Presale (except Yokohama Shows)・GALAXY BROAD CARD Ticket Presale・Official Website Ticket Presale and e+ General Sales Tickets
⇒ Please note that the procedure will be different depending on the payment method.
Please check the “Refund Procedure Guidance” at the link below
【How to get refund】Refund Procedure Guidance http://eplus.jp/refund2/ (PC・Smartphone)
【e+ Customers Support】http://eplus.jp/qa/
◆Ticket Pia General Sales Tickets
⇒ Please note that the procedure will be different depending on the payment method.
Please check the “How to get refund” link below for more information.
【How to get refund】http://t.pia.jp/guide/refund.html (PC・Smartphone)
【Inquiries】Ticket Pia Information 0570-02-9111 (10:00~18:00)
◆Lawson Tickets General Sales Tickets
⇒ You can have your ticket refunded at your local Lawson or Ministop shop.
If you chose Convenience Store pick-up as delivery method for your ticket, you can get refund at any “Loppi” from the convenience store chain you chose for pick-up. (Ticket picked up at Lawson→“Loppi” in Lawson stores / Ticket picked up at Ministop→“Loppy” in Ministop stores
【How to get refund】http://l-tike.com/oc/lt/haraimodoshi/ (PC・Smartphone)
【Inquiries】Lawson Ticket Information 0570-000-777 (10:00~18:00)
◆LINE TICKET Sales(Sapporo Show only)
⇒LINE TICKET staff will reach to you with guidance about refund.
※Tickets purchased through ticket agencies will be refunded by the respective agency only. Please do not return the ticket to sun-krad Co., Ltd, 「a knot」, DIR EN GREY ONLINE, NEXTROAD or other organization, you would not be able to get refund. Please refer to your ticket agency and apply within the terms of above.

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